Joe Wex Story

Joe Wex lived in the South End for 17 years and loved Peters Park. He was in the park daily - - playing basketball, cheering on little leaguers, watching movies, practicing tennis, and, of course, enjoying time with his dogs and neighbors. He and his wife Deb also would bring the many German Shepherd puppies they fostered to the park to socialize them and prepare them for adoption.

When it became clear that supporters of establishing a formal, City-sanctioned dog park would need to undertake a challenging campaign, Joe stepped up to help and lead. He plotted strategy, attended meetings with City officials and neighborhood representatives, and began fundraising. Combining his skills as a researcher with his determination to see the Dog Recreation Space (DRS) pass all steps for approval, he even stood in Peters Park and surveyed users, providing the first formal count of the dog park’s extensive use. Through it all, Joe was constructive and wickedly funny.

Joe’s generosity and passion for making a difference extended well beyond Peters Park. He volunteered at Children’s Hospital, coached a middle school basketball team for boys, tutored a student for Literacy Volunteers of Massachusetts and served on their Board. He filled his home with friends and family and always was available and supportive when they needed him. He was the guy you would call in the middle of the night when you needed help, and who you wanted around the table for a fun meal out in the neighborhood.

Joe always felt that a dog park in Peters Park would be good for dogs, dog owners, and the community. He also believed that the South End community could bear the burden of being first to undertake the arduous DRS process in the City, and therefore make it easier for other neighborhoods to establish dog parks. He was right on all counts.