Friends of Peters Park

We’re a not-for-profit organization of community members dedicated to safeguarding Peters Park as a South End community oasis. 

The park is solely supported by members, volunteers and generous donations.  Your tax-deductible gifts and dues will help to offset operating costs for the park and contribute to its bright future.  

You can join via the DONATE button below, or mail a check made out to Friends of Peters Park with the form below to FoPP, PO Box 181137, Boston, MA 02118 Please write your email address on your check.

Yes, I’d like to join the Friends of Peters Park.

Name:   ___________________________ Email address: __________________________________

Address:  ___________________________________ Preferred phone:__________________________

 Amount enclosed: ____ ($25 for each individual membership) ____ ($50 for each Business membership)

____ (Any additional special contributions are always appreciated!)

 We welcome volunteers.  Please check the boxes below for the areas you are most interested in:

 ___ = Dogs and Joe Wex Dog Recreation Space  ___ = Kids and the Tot Lot

___ = Gardening and the Peters Park Gardens Project  ___ = Arts in the Park (Land Wave,  Mural, etc.)

___ = Sports in the Park (South End Little League; basketball, tennis, etc.)

___ = General.  

Thank you.   We can’t run the park without friends and neighbors like you.