After 10 years of heavy dog use our dog park surface and substratum hasamassed drainage issues related to compaction and structure which is  preventing the necessary water drainage within the park.  The lack of water drainage causes puddles whose content is laced with fecal matter which in turn contains dangerous E. Coli and volatile sulfur compound.

The Friends of Peters Park volunteer group has been given strict guidelines from the City of Boston's Parks department on what the dog park refurbishment needs to entail and is also managing the contractor details.


Construction expected September-October

TBD per Parks Dep’t: Temporary Dog Space

We will share updates as we learn them!

Thanks everyone for your support and patience.


We’re a not-for-profit organization of community members dedicated to safeguarding Peters Park as a South End community oasis. 

The park is solely supported by members, volunteers and generous donations.  Your tax-deductible gifts and dues will help to offset operating costs for the park and contribute to its bright future.  

You can join via the DONATE button below, or mail a check made out to Friends of Peters Park with the form below to FoPP, PO Box 181137, Boston, MA 02118 Please write your email address on your check.

Thank you.   We can’t run the park without friends and neighbors like you.


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Another  way to support the park is to purchase a customized brick or paving stone.  For immediate information on these two products please send an email to  

More detailed information including cost and process on this opportunity will follow shortly, including pictures of some existing customized paving  stones and bricks.